EV Motor Controller

As the name goes, our EV motor controller gives you greater control over the energy conversion process, as it is built highly programmable. Very light, efficient, smooth and quiet – that’s how our controllers run to transform the energy from battery to a convenient waveform based on the inputs of the rider.

Fully programmable

Field oriented control

CAN communication

Motor controller

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EV Motor Controller - features


The fair combination of power electronics and embedded micro-computing elements make up our BLDC Motor controller. It is packed with features like:

EV Motor Controller - specifications


To enable the motor controllers with precise control and monitoring, we have designed them around specific parameters.

EV Motor Controller - application


Being a modern day motor controller, we have aimed it to be remarkably programmable to fit the agile teams of our automotive partner companies like yours. That’s how it serves diverse applications like:

Ready To Give More Control To Your EV Riders?

Some great global automotive brands trust us with their EV solution needs. Because we bring our expertise and passion to the table! We’d love to share this journey with you.

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