Battery Management System​

Designed on the principles of battery manufacturing and safety, our BMS speaks of secure operations and longer battery life. This smart i-VEC enabled system, suitable for Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion chemistries, is capable of measuring critical battery parameters, monitoring the thermal and structural consideration, protecting it during hazardous events, all while precisely communicating these over the CAN bus. Truly smart!

Chemistry agnostic

Fully configurable via CAN

UKF-based accurate SOC estimation

Trusted by 50+ businesses all over the world

bms features


Our Battery management system offers a power-packed solution to smoothen the battery operation for the EVs of the world.

bms specification


Accuracy is our strength. See it through the numbers we have, or experience it directly by talking to our laser-focused product team.


This BMS is compatible with any consumer electronics, electric mobility & renewable energy products. More specifically, this is built for Electric and Hybrid vehicles, motorcycles, scooters.

Ready To Add The Smartness Of Our Compact BMS To Your Products?

Some great global automotive brands trust us with their EV battery system needs. Because we bring our expertise and enthusiasm to the table! We’d love to share this journey with you.

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