EV Instrument Cluster

Being the face of the EV system, our instrument cluster is designed for easy understanding of the super critical indicators for human safety, like SoC, range and faults. Our customized segmented LCD clusters are suitable for 2-and-3-wheelers, displaying the information with strong user-friendliness and great accuracy, while consuming less power for the same.

CAN-enabled communication

Multi-color backlight status indicator

Bluetooth integration with mobile apps

Trusted by 50+ businesses all over the world

EV Instrument Cluster - features


Designed specifically for the EV ecosystem, our instrument cluster owns a set of features that give clarity to your EV user, without cramming the display with information that they won’t need ever.

EV Instrument Cluster - specifications


Two versions are available: with and without CAN communication enabled.

EV Instrument Cluster - applications


Our Instrument Cluster finds an outstanding place in all the EV products where human interaction is valuable.

Ready To Make Lives Easy For Your EV Users?

Some great global automotive brands trust us with their EV solution needs. Because we bring our expertise and passion to the table! We’d love to share this journey with you.

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